Shrimp Dumplings in miso

Vegan Beet Soup

Curry Lamb
broccoli, rice

tomato basil sauce, ricotta, truffle

Ginger Tofu
braised lentils (vegan)

Wasabi Tuna Bahn Mi
egg, sesame cabbage, soy scallion aioli

Roasted Pork Belly
chili smashed yams

Chicken Pho
rice noodles

Meat Pie
brie, spinach, roasted potatoes

Nutmeg Banana Crepes
caramel, cashews

Chicken Liver Pate

Kale Salad
orange segments, smoked fish, fennel vinaigrette, walnuts (can be vegan)

A few exciting new meat options

We will have prepared meats ready to go for your kitchen table — all you have to do is heat and serve!

Duck Confit

Pulled Pork

Pit Master Chip will be smoking the following items this week:

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Mussels
packed in olive oil, parsley & black Hawaiian sea salt

*Please note, the above menu is subject to change as the week carries on, new dishes will come too!