We change our menu weekly so you can enjoy the freshest local and imported ingredients. Come in for a drink, a cheese plate — sit down for a full meal — or simply treat yourself to something sweet! We can't wait to share our food with you.

You'll find our most recent menus here.

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We started the Black Krim Tavern to share our style of food with the people of our community. Food can be incredibly simple. We believe it doesn’t need a whole lot except using quality ingredients and applying a few culinary skill sets.

Our menu changes frequently based on what is available from the farmers we source through, the fantastic seasons of Vermont, and our current mood. The structure of the menu is always to make sure we have a balance of dietary options such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and so on. Speaking of farmers, Chip Natvig (Sarah’s husband) is our primary produce provider. 

Pebble Brook Farm is certified organic and is located in Braintree Vermont. Having a farmer in the family and being able to cruise the fields daily to select what we would like for that week’s menu is a wonderful amenity.

And our namesake? Well, the Black Krim is a Russian heirloom variety of a tomato. The colors are crimson & purple with green shoulders and the fruit is both meaty and sweet.

Thank you for visiting, please come and enjoy a meal with us!

— Sarah & the Black Krim team