The Black Krim Tavern, named for an heirloom tomato,  is a farm-to-table restaurant serving mostly local cuisine that's fun and energetic.

Our menu changes weekly and sources food from surrounding farms as well as our very own farm — Pebble Brook, in Braintree. Pebble Brook Farm is run by chef-owner Sarah Natvig's husband, Chip — and our meat is sourced mainly from friends and neighbors.

We are located in Randolph, Vermont

For Reservations, please call  (802) 728-6776

upcoming events

$49 per person
6:00 or 8:30 Seatings  reservations only

(802) 728-6776

New Year's Eve Menu

— Thursday’s Are For Sushi! —
winter only

We will offer a small sushi menu in addition to our regular menu.

Sample Sushi Menu

— Brunch—

Sample Brunch Menu

— Our Menu—

— Stay Connected —

The Black Krim Tavern

21 Merchants Row

Randolph, Vermont 05060

(802) 728-6776

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